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So… remember that quiet book I was working on? I made another one. And it was WAY cuter than the first one. Seriously.

My Aunt Kelly commissioned me to make one for her ADORABLE little boy Truman. You truly don’t know an adorable baby until you’ve seen Truman. He’s beyond adorable. Oh heaven help me…

Anyway, I thought I’d post the finished product. It was animal-themed like my last quiet book with only a few small changes. I used pretty much all felt, which I think was a great choice. Everything is somehow connected to the book, so there’s no risk of choking on things or of losing small pieces (other than the fish, but you’ll see).

Another thing I want to say (because it makes me happy) is that the entire book was hand-stitched. I didn’t use a machine for any of it. I did all the stitches by hand and the embroidery as well.


Cover page:

Lion page:

Bear page

Octopus page:

Alligator page:

Butterfly page:

Fish page:

Frog page

What do you think? I LOVED IT!

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